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El’s Quest

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El’s QuestIt looks like the game is called El's Quest, but it's actually called point collecting. Burn a circle trying to squash your attempt at triumph? Get points. Use your tri-beam to shoot a falling bomb? Get points. Catch a gem falling from the sky? Oh yeah you get points. Are you still alive as death approaches towards you from every corner at a gradually increasing pace? Yeah you're so accumulating points. This game is very much made in the spirit of old Gameboy games, their lack of color, and beeps for music. But unlike those old games rather then telling your friends about your awesome score and them not believing you... we have leaderboards! Not only can you prove your score but show just how much better you are at a video game. Thats what really matters.


Collect points by avoiding rectangle. Make sure you collect gems and blow up bombs before they reach the ground. Those bombs just might end up barring your pass to safety. Use your Triangular Fire ability to speed up and burn offending circles.




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