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wipeout with ed edd n eddy

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wipeout with ed edd n eddyIts a fun game to play with your friends.Its a multi-player game where you can play up to 3 players all together on the same computer.Although the game can be played in the single player mode but its fun to play in multi-player mode. game characters are ED EDD and EDDY.


Players have to hit his opponent and that will increase his points.Also collecting the bubbles will increase the points. There are 3 levels in the game.After completing 3 levels the player having highest score will win the game....thus its a competition between the players. controls for ED - are moves- w,a,s,d hit- q controls for EDD - are moves- i,h,j,k hit- u controls for EDDY - are moves- arrow keys hit- 0.




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