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eTheatereTheater is a game that lets you create a movie/play using different actors, props, flooring, and backgrounds. You can customize your actors by adding different clothes, different hair styles, even change their skin color. After you have created your characters and placed them on the stage you can make them do a variety of actions like talking, walking, teleporting, and even going in slow motion. During this process you will use the timeline to make many actions happen at the same time. Once you are done creating you can then save your movie and you can also share it with friends or embedded on your website.


Sign up and log in. Once you do that click on create new movie and this will take you to the editor. Here using the four buttons towards the bottom of the game you can create and add actors, props, background and flooring for the stage. Once you have added an actor/prop on the stage you can do other actions with them by double clicking on the tiles in which they reside. To make actors walk you simple have them selected and use the arrow keys. You can also turn back the time to make multiple actions happen during the same time or to modify any other action that you make.




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