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Kiz – KizMemory

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Kiz – KizMemoryTry to pair up matching cards while dealing with Simon's dastardly distractions such as Muck Beetles eating them and the Ferocious Muck Dragon who knocks them all about.


Click on a card to flip it over. You may only flip a maximum of two cards at a time. If you flip over two matching cards then they are removed and you score points. Find all of the matches within the time limit to advance to the next level. Muck creatures may periodically attempt to inhibit your progress. If a muck beetle is allowed to eat one of your cards then its matching counterpart will not be counted against completing the level however it will be counted against your score. You may click and drag individual cards around the play area to reorganize them as you desire. The Anti-Swarm button is used to shoo away Muck Beetles in the play area however it may only be activated once per matching Anti-Swarm card pair you make.




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