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MoeJackson’s Bastardly Lady of the Day – JessyJessy writes: "(: Hi, I'm Jessy! I thought it would be fun to write in. I'm turning 19 this month and I start school again next Monday. All that aside, I'm planning on a trip to Paris in the Spring which I'm thrilled about. Hope I'm able to entertain a few seconds of your time." Q: Which female celebrity would you go lesbian for? A: Well I find Aishwarya Rai to be absolutely gorgeous, and I love Uma Thurman, but I'd have to say Scarlett Johansson because she has curves. Possibly Jessica Alba but we share the same name. Talk about awkward! Q: Do you like your boobs? A: Actually I do, for being half Japanese and short, I guess I'm lucky. Q: Would you sleep with a dude the age of your grandpa for $3,000,000? A: Oh god, my dignity! But all the money I could travel with...it's tempting but I'd probably regret my decision. Q: Have guys ever said you look like a particular celebrity to try get in your pants? A: Haha, Jessica Alba, back when I was 12! How disturbing huh? I've been told that I look like Norah Jones as well. Q: Who is your most or/and least favorite former Bastardly Lady of the Day? A: Jena seems...normal and she could definitely model. I'm sure she knows it though. Q: What makes you Bastardly? A: Work makes me Bastardly. I make sandwiches for Wal-Mart customers, so you can guess what kind of people I deal with on a daily basis. Oh joy!


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