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Skull-BallA creepy 'pong' type game for two players. Each player controls a bone bat, and has to keep the bouncing skull in play. Randomly spawned bone tokens add to the game's complexity.


Keep the skull-ball in play or your opponent wins a point. Every time the ball hits a bat, there is a chance to spawn a bone-token. These do the following if collected: Increase the length of your bat. On the next bounce, the ball will leave your bat much faster. Slows down your bat. On the next bounce, you will send out a decoy ball in addition to the real ball. The next point you score will be doubled. Only one token can be held by a player at a time. Catching a new token replaces the old one. Three types of game lengths are available: Quick: first up to 5 points Normal: first up to 11 points Long: first up to 21 points




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