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The Boss

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The BossYou dream of lightnings and demons and things that howl in the dark, you bathe in rivers of dark red blood and rest in the putrefied heads of defeated foes, you gaze upon weak souls and laugh at their doomed fate as they quake upon the echo of your arrival. You wake up and your body feels as if pulsating with power, today is the day you shall cast your dominion upon your equals, today is the day you will compete and prove superior, today is the day you must become...THE BOSS!


Use the all-seeing-eye with your mouse to force your minions back to work. As you evolve you will be granted greater powers, such as: The Messenger blocker - Just click the icon with your mouse and you will be able to momentarily block this annoying little software, do remember to click the eye icon to regain your personal power. The personal Emails zapper - Click the icon to stop all access to this pestilence frivolity. The p0rn grabber - Click the icon to grab these sexy images and hide them in your private stash. The fire banish - Use this as last resort, it can fire a person and make the Human Resources loose precious seconds replacing the worker. The stop-watch - A legend claims that if you are truly magnificent in your work, you may see a phantom clock floating around, if you click it, you will be given 30 seconds of frozen time to use all your resources and bring down all unrelated work activities. Optionally, you may choose to use the keyboard keys to change between powers, but you must discover them yourself.




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